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Writer's Block: It's payday!

What would you do if you had a million dollars?
Pay for college, fix my car up, and get my mom and brothers a nice place to live. The rest would get stuffed into savings.

Writer's Block: International Skeptics Day

What are you skeptical about? (religion, ghosts, Toddlers and Tiaras, etc.)

I'm skeptical of ANY 'reality' tv show. I'm pretty sure most of it is just scripted drama and bullcrap to get people to sit and stare at the tv for hours on end.
What's worse: a pit of snakes or a pit of spiders?

I honestly think that would depend on whether the snakes and spiders were poisonous. If they're just normal, then I would say a pit of spiders would be worse, though they would both be bad.

New Hair

Posting for friends, lol - just got my hair cut and colored today. Those who have met me in RL can see just how much I cut off, though for those who don't know me in RL my hair used to be a light brown that fell to a bit lower than the middle of my shoulder blades.

It looks brown, but its actually a cool shade of purple with blonde highlights - when I step into sunlight its like 'OMG PURPLE' though, which is totally awesome. <3 Plus I donated the hair that was cut off to Locks of Love, so loosing all of it will help someone out there. :D

Mar. 20th, 2011

gpxplus.net is so not working right now, which really irritates me since I don't really have much else to do than sit online since I feel like total crap. ><

Hopefully with my luck once this is posted it'll start working again.

...or is it just for me that its not working? 0-o

PLUS, the cave on dragcave is blocked since there are a billion morons breeding their stripes with black colored dragons to try and get black stripes. FFFFFF-!


OMFG, I was on the goddamn last step of the stupid Deep in the Laboratory exploration on GPX when I ran out of time. SUCH bullshit, I seriously has to get like 500 more interactions to beat it, but with my brother running away and such yesterday the last thing on my mind was freaking GPX.

GODDAMIT, I just raised a freaking Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle all the way to level 100 for NOTHING.



Writer's Block: You're my best friend

If you could shrink any animal down to miniature size and carry it around in your pocket, which animal would you choose?
Oooo, I would say something awesome like a lion or tiger - but even being little it would hurt like all hell if they started clawing around in your pocket. 0-o I think I'll just go with something like a horse or giraffe since they'd still be awesome to have all cute and mini, but they wouldn't claw their way out of my pocket. >>

Writer's Block: Heroes and villains

Who was your favorite childhood superhero, and why?
My favorite childhood superhero was the Flash - still is, haha. The other supers were cool, but they were all so emo and down on either themselves or everyone else all the time. The Flash really was my fave since he was always joking around and keeping the moral of the team up with his stupidity. <3

Its snowing.

It hasn't snowed at all here in 2010, but now that its 2011, it snows. No white Christmas, but we'll get a white January.

You suck Kansas, lol.

Rodimus Minor

So we went to Manhattan mall today and they finally are putting in some new stores - one being a Toys R Us Express. It was pretty empty, but my bro and I searched through the empty place and found two TFA bots - Ironhide and to my glee, Rodimus Minor. They were kinda pricey so I only grabbed Rodimus Minor and decided to take some pics of him to show off his awesomeness. <3

I am a proud geek. <3